Plaza de la Soledad

One of my photographs that always provoked discomfort is the one with Juanita, a 70-year-old sex worker lying on bed with a client in a hotel room. People ask me if I staged it, if I made it up. They claimed that women that age do not work as prostitutes. I noticed that seeing a woman’s sexuality annoyed them. I kept this photo on the wall of my studio so one day I could give it a voice. During the several years that I did this project in La Merced–downtown Mexico City–I always felt that the voice of the women was missing; since my first exhibition I wrote their voices, I played audios with their voices in the installations. This was until I started filming a movie in February 2012 and finished it in 2015.

Maya Goded refuses to shy away from the painful aspects of these women’s jobs—the abuse, fear, and discontent that come from years of selling intimacy. She leads us into their histories, families, superstitions, and hopes, while allowing the camera to hone in on the contours of their well-worn bodies—beautiful and real. Plaza de la Soledad is a sumptuous visual celebration and a refreshingly honest exploration of physical and emotional self-determination against difficult odds.

Sundance Film Festival

A Monstro Films Production

In co-production with:

Alebrije Producciones and

La Sombra del Guayabo

Directed by

Maya Goded

Produced by

Martha Sosa


Eamon O’Farrill and Mónica Lozano


Maya Goded

Edited by

Valentina Leduc


Miguel Hernández

Original Score

Jacobo Lieberman and Leonardo Heiblum

Sound Design

Lena Esquenazi


Carlos Hagerman

Line Producers

Maya Goded

Associate Producers

Iris Lammertsma and Boudewijn Koole

Associate Producer

Layda Negrete


Max Blasquez

Main Cast

Carmen, Lety, Raquel, Esther, Carlos, Ángeles