This series is a homage to the travelling women in history. ‘There will be those who think I made such a long journey as an act of vanity. The only thing I can say is that whomever sees it that way should lead an adventure as mine to convince me that nothing, but the natural interest in traveling, an excessive urge to acquire new knowledge, could help a person overcome the hardships, privations, and dangers I have been exposed to.’

 Ida Pfeiffer (1979-1858)

Yo y Graciela Iturbide
2 viaje con mi amiga La Negra

My friend and photographer Graciela Iturbide, while exhibiting in Delhi, invited me to the city of Varanasi. This was just a first glance at India; it was so hard for me to understand this country and I was convinced that I had to return. Almost a year later, I came back with another friend, María José Pizarro ‘La Negra’ and on this occasion we traveled from Varanasi to Bombay. I continued doing these trips through India with different friends.

Synonyms: Companion, comrade, acquaintance, addict, affection, ally, unconditional, inseparable, loyal, supporter, intimate, confidant, girlfriend, partner, lover